BMW K 75 “Daboia” by Matteucci Garage

Unleashing Creativity on the Underappreciated

In the town of Montegranaro, Italy, where artistic expression permeates the cobblestone streets, Marco Matteucci, a true master of motorcycle customization breathes a new life into machines that many overlook. With over twenty years of experience in photography and graphic design, Matteucci has become synonymous with his ability to turn objects into works of art. His latest triumph, the BMW K 75 “Daboia”, stands as a true testament to his skill in transforming a bike into a vibrant racer that captures attention.

BMW K 75 Daboia by Matteucci Garage 12

From Unremarkable to Exquisite Beauty

The BMW K 75 is often disregarded by custom builders. However, it served as the canvas for Matteucci’s vision. Named after Daboia, a genus of venomous vipers, this café racer is anything but cold-blooded – it radiates a captivating charm instead. With attention to detail, Matteucci chose to preserve the stock wheels, gas tank, and radiator cover while directing his ingenuity toward enhancing the end.

BMW K 75 Daboia by Matteucci Garage 10

Crafting a Tail of a Serpent

The rear of the “Daboia” now showcases a custom-made subframe topped with a tapered aluminum tail section – both carefully crafted by Marco himself.

BMW K 75 Daboia by Matteucci Garage 6

Taking inspiration from the viper theme, the rear of the bike mimics a snake’s head with LED taillights that resemble its eyes. To enhance its snake appearance, a custom solo seat covered in leather and highlighted with red stitching adds a subtle yet eye-catching touch.

Not only did Matteucci focus on aesthetics, but he also upgraded the K 75s suspension using modern Ohlins components. The front of the bike now features down forks attached to specially made clamps while an adjustable piggyback shock absorber improves the rear suspension. The stock braking system remains intact. Another upgrade at the front is the floating 320mm rotors and robust Brembo calipers for stopping power.

BMW K 75 Daboia by Matteucci Garage 11

Matteucci also installed a crafted handlebar reminiscent of clip-ons offering a view of Daboia`s instrumentation displayed on an Acewell dial. Custom brackets hold an LED headlamp in place accompanied by a small aluminum wind deflector. The front turn signals seamlessly blend into the radiator shroud to maintain the bike’s polished look.

BMW K 75 Daboia by Matteucci Garage 3

To create harmony among all modified elements, Matteucci also opted for a dark blue color scheme that covers the frame, wheels, and bodywork.

However, the fuel tank is what truly stands out: a captivating canvas adorned with layers of paint that have been gently sanded to create a one-of-a-kind effect, along with shades of matte yellow and black peek resulting in an artistic masterpiece. The bike’s allure is further enhanced by the knee indentations, engine covers, swingarm, and triple clamps that complete its captivating ensemble.

BMW K 75 Daboia by Matteucci Garage 8

The final touches added by Matteucci give the “Daboia” an almost whimsical charm. The inclusion of gold Ohlins suspension and brake rotor flanges and white “Daboia” graphics on the tail section, as well as custom BMW roundels with his name engraved, elevate this creation to the realm of two-wheeled art.

In conclusion, Marco Matteucci’s transformation of the BMW K 75 into the “Daboia” goes beyond expectations. It serves as a testament to his skillful craftsmanship applied to every machine that enters his workshop. The “Daboia” not only defies the conventions of the K series from BMW Motorrad, but it also stands as a vivid example of how creativity, craftsmanship, and an artist’s touch can turn something overlooked into a true masterpiece. Within the realm of custom motorcycles lies Matteucci’s garage, a place where the magic happens, with the “Daboia” representing another enchanting chapter in his two-wheeled saga.

BMW K 75 “Daboia” by Matteucci Garage Media Gallery


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