Official News: 2023 BMW XM Label Safety Car for 2024 Moto GT Championship

The 2023 BMW XM Label originally known as the top tier SUV in BMW`s lineup is now stepping into a role as the official safety car for the 2024 MotoGP season. Its transformation from a dominating road vehicle to a guardian of the racetrack is clearly evident in the Safety Car Edition. This special edition boasts a wrap and enhanced features that perfectly suit its role on the racing circuit.

Exterior – Modifications Ready for the Track

The Safety Car Edition has received track modifications, including a sturdy front splitter, a roof mounted light bar and additional flashing LEDs on its front bumper. These changes give it a purposeful design. The matte grey finish with eye-catching accents adds a touch of style ensuring it stands out as it leads the pack on the MotoGP track.

2023 BMW XM Label Red MotoGP 11

A Ride Fit for a MotoGP Champion

Francesco Bagnaia, the MotoGP World Champion and known as the “Pole King ” was presented with the keys to his matte black XM Label Red car adorned with stylish red accents. This custom version pays homage to his achievements and perfectly embodies the racing spirit shared by both the Safety Car Edition and the champion rider.

Interior – Blending Racing Heritage with Safety Standards

Safety Comes First with Racing Comfort

Inside, the list of transformation continues with Recaro front bucket seats that come equipped with six point harnesses. These ensure that both driver and potential passengers are kept safe during pace car duties. Additionally, there is an added fire extinguisher and supplementary controls for the lights—a testament to BMW`s commitment to safety on the racetrack.

2023 BMW XM Label Red MotoGP 6

Engine – Unleashing Power on the Racetrack

A Dominant Powertrain

The core of the 2023 BMW XM Label remains unchanged for its role as a Safety Car. The twin turbo 4.4 liter V8 engine, working in sync with an electric motor generates a whopping 748 horsepower and 737 lb ft of torque. This relentless power ensures that the Safety Car Edition lives up to its reputation and positions itself at the forefront of MotoGP safety vehicles.

2023 BMW XM Label Red MotoGP 7

Technology – Leading Innovation

Speaking of technology and innovation, BMW M boss Franciscus van Meel stated:

“It is a logical step for the most powerful BMW M automobile we have ever rolled out to be the new figurehead of our safety car fleet in MotoGP. The first MotoGP Safety Car with an electric drive system is clear evidence of our striving for new, future-oriented technologies.” He further continued: “This hugely powerful drive system, and outstanding driving dynamics in all situations, make the BMW XM Label Red the perfect basis for a MotoGP Safety Car.”

2023 BMW XM Label Red MotoGP 9

Price – A Combination of Luxury and Performance

While the Safety Car Edition plays an important role on the racetrack, its civilian version remains one of the most expensive BMW model available in the United States, with a starting price of $185,000. The exclusivity and impressive performance of the XM Label come together to deliver a driving experience.

Additional Specifications – A History in Racing

Introducing the 2023 BMW XM Label Red as the MotoGP Safety Car is a step for the brand. The Safety Car`s exceptional performance, coupled with state of the art technology, perfectly aligns with BMW`s commitment to safety and innovative advancements. Taking over from the M2 safety car, the new XM Label Red is poised to carry forward BMW`s legacy, on the MotoGP circuit.

2023 BMW XM Label Red MotoGP 4

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the transition of the 2023 BMW XM Label from a high-performance SUV to a MotoGP safety car showcases its adaptability and long-term expertise. The Safety Car Edition maintains the essence of its on-road version and incorporates enhancements tailored for track performance, establishing itself as a frontrunner in the racing world. With its design, power and unwavering commitment to safety, the BMW XM Label Red demonstrates its ability to excel both on regular roads and race circuits, cementing its position as an iconic performer, within BMW`s lineup.

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