2022 BMW iX – The First Fully Electric BMW iX SUV from BMW


The first fully electric BMW iX electric SUV is a first of its kind in a car generation that is focused on the future. The BMW iX is a vision come true with its totally electric driving experience and newly conceived, precise, and monolithic design.

BMW iX 4k Wallpaper 116
BMW iX M60

The monolithic design, which has few but distinct lines, is full of personality and gives the car a strong appearance. The BMW iX is tough but tidy and stylish. The model has 21″ aerodynamic wheels that are 1012 Bicolour 3D polished buff, and the entire car is designed with sports enthusiasts in mind. BMW iX’s (i20) salient characteristics are as follows:


The BMW iX’s front has been given a futuristic makeover. Together with the electric SUV’s narrowest dual headlamps ever created by BMW for standard production vehicles, the vertically oriented BMW kidney grille notably draws attention to the vehicle’s modern design.

BMW iX 4k Wallpaper 119
2022 BMW IX – Front View


Consciously drawing attention to the wheels are the substantially sized rectangular curves around the wheel arches. The frameless doors, flush door handles, and the “Streamflow“-shaped window outline that tapers towards the back are all artfully incorporated into the aesthetic.

BMW iX 17
BMW iX – Aerodynamic


A contemporary presence is created by broad surfaces, the BMW Group’s smallest rear lights, and a tailgate that is completely integrated. The flat underbody and big diffuser features maximize aerodynamics and increase range.

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BMW iX 4k Wallpaper 19
BMW iX – Sleak Rear Lights

Minimalist Interior Design

Modern and focused on the fundamentals, the interior design is evident in the displays and controls. An attractive control panel made of FSC-certified wood surrounds the glassy iDrive Controller, which serves as the vehicle’s primary control element.

Lounge Seating in the Rear

The elimination of the middle tunnel allows the BMW iX to give the backseat passengers a roomy lounge environment. The back seats can also be equipped with heating and headrest-mounted 3D loudspeakers. To increase the size of the luggage compartment, the backrest of the rear seat splits in a 40:20:40 proportion.

BMW iX Loung Seats in the Rear
BMW iX – Lounge Seating in the Rear

Panoramic Glass Roof

The entire “Sky Lounge” panoramic glass canopy gives the cabin a roomy feel and a comfortable lounge ambiance in this electric car. It provides passengers with even more headroom, has a modern feel, and maybe electrochromatically covered for increased privacy because there is no need for an inside headliner.

BMW iX Panoramic Glass Roof
BMW iX – Panoramic Glass Roof

BMW Curved Display

The major display and control element for the fully digital stage of the BMW iX is the BMW Curved Display, which was fitted for the first time in a production car. On the instrument panel, the 12.3″ information display and 14.9″ Control Display combine to form a single unit that gives the appearance of a picture frame floating in midair.

BMW ix Curved Display
BMW iX – Curved Display

Holistic Sustainability in BMW iX

Throughout its entire life cycle, the BMW iX electric SUV emits a 45% lower greenhouse gas emissions cycle as compared to an electric SUV with a comparably powerful combustion engine because of the comprehensive sustainability concept. The use of only renewable energy sources during production, as well as the use of natural and recycled materials, such as floor mats made entirely of Econyl, are the reasons behind this.

The BMW IX with 326 HP Electric Performance

The BMW iX electric car provides exceptional electric performance thanks to its two potent electric motors and BMW xDrive electric all-wheel drive. With 326 horsepower, the BMW iX xDrive40 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. The BMW iX responds quickly and nimbly to every stroke of the accelerator pedal and offers a comfortable driving experience thanks to its instantly accessible torque and step-less acceleration from a standing start.

BMW iX Electric SUV Shy Tech Concept

The latest technology in the BMW iX electric SUV may blend into the background until required or specifically desired according to the Shy Tech concept, which puts the passengers first. Many exterior and internal components, such as the kidney grille, which serves as an intelligent surface and contains camera technology, radar capabilities, cutting-edge sensor technology, and heating elements, exhibit this unseen intelligence. Other instances are the audio system’s indiscernibly concealed speakers and the interior’s button layout.

Charging Times for 100 KM Range

You may take advantage of a variety of offers that are specifically designed for charging at home, on the go, and at work with your BMW iX with BMW Charging. Additionally, the charging speed is excellent, allowing the BMW iX xDrive40 to recharge up to 95 range of kilometers in under ten minutes or the complete range in below 40 minutes at common public High Power Charging stations. The numbers are based on a 10% beginning state of charge.

BMW iX Charging Port 4k Wallpaper 43
BMW iX – Charging Port

425 KM Range with the BMW iX

The BMW iX electric car xDrive40 has a 425 km range, making it perfect for both long trips and city driving. Its architecture is incredibly energy-efficient, resulting in very low energy consumption of no more than 23 kW/h and great aerodynamics with a remarkable cd of 0.25 – a value unmatched in this electric car sector. This outstanding efficiency is increased even further while operating the BMW iX in MyMode Efficient.

Driving Assistance in the BMW iX

The BMW iX electric SUV comes with a huge selection of driver and support systems as standard equipment: In challenging or boring traffic conditions, the Driving Assistant provides the highest level of comfort and safety. The system’s features include Front & Rear Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Change Warning with Blind Spot Detection. The Parking Assistant Plus aids with parking and maneuvering and makes use of numerous cameras to offer you a complete view of everything around your car, including in 3D.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

BMW iX FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
BMW iX – Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What is the BMW iX’s maximum range?

The estimated driving range of more than 300 miles per charge is made possible by a sizable battery pack.

How much time does it take to charge a BMW iX?

Fast charging allows the BMW iX to charge to 80% in 40 minutes.

Is there room for seven people in the BMW iX?

With large front and rear seats, the new BMW iX is a true 5-seater. Even with the typical electro-chromatic panoramic glass roof, there is plenty of room for your legs and head.

What is the BMW iX’s size?

The BMW iX is a sizable SUV with dimensions of 4,953mm in length and 2,230mm in width, making it slightly longer overall than its X5 counterpart with a combustion engine.

What does the BMW iX acronym mean?

The iX nameplate was chosen to represent the model’s status as the top of BMW’s electric SUV I line-up, its role in showcasing technology, and the fact that it uses the most recent iteration of BMW’s electric drive system, which is now in its fifth generation. It also represents the model’s high level of autonomous and connected technology.


For the very first time ever, you can interact naturally with your BMW thanks to the new BMW iDrive, which immerses you in a brand-new holistic interior experience. You operate the entertainment system with the help of the clever digital assistant, which responds to your voice and motions and makes your time in the BMW as enjoyable as possible, together with the haptics of the iDrive user interface.

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