2022 BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 – The Coolest Mini Electric Scooter

The next week awaits us with the first BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 at IAA Mobility 2021. Far from many other electric motorcycles from BMW Motorrad, the new CE 02.

BMW Electric Scooter 1
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 Side

The designer Alexander Buckan created the pattern of BMW Motorrad’s head of vehicle. He calls the concept of this project a “skateboard on two wheels”.

It might be mistaken for just a toy for teenage riders and kids, but it is way more than that. The Coolest Mini Electric Scooter is made as an all-electric mobility tool for short city trips. Buckan’s goal was to develop a simply accessible two-wheeler for everyone who desires to be independent.

BMW Electric Scooter 5
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 Riding

It is shaped by simple proportions, a low center of gravity, a compact size, and two large 15-inch disc wheels. It surely brought with it the show of a lifetime.

You will enjoy the design of this vehicle! The BMW Motorrad CE 02 has a pure dissonance of vintage-inspired detailing with beautiful contrasts of shine and matte surfaces. The seat has a steady surface that is roomy enough for two while allowing a single person to ride in plenty of driving positions.  

BMW Electric Scooter 3
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 Rear

Concept CE 02 is also nice enough to give each rider a good practical tool even if it may be small. The Mini Scooter has a free space between the seat and the frame.  It also has enough room to carry 2 people and a small backpack in the designated space between the seat and the frame. Meantime, under the powerful batteries, you can find brackets that can store a skateboard, which also doubles as a footrest.

As usual, when it comes to concept vehicles and bikes, there is a lot of mystery hidden in the details. Illumination is an important element of vehicles and the BMW Motorrad CE 02 Concept is not failing currently. The Scooter has a small, black headlight with four LED’s to enough light when you are riding at night. Furthermore, has a pair of translucent LED taillights mounted to the left and right of the peculiar seat for additional visibility. Finally, it has a small colorful screen on the handlebars top display essential stats like battery life and range.

BMW Electric Scooter 4
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 Taillights

The Germans claim that this delicate electric mini-bike tops the scales at 120kg (265 lbs.), which automatically expects modest performance from its 15- horsepower (11 kW) electric motor. The motors are powered by a minimum horsepower which will offer around 56 mph and 56 miles of range of driving, so basically, an hour of driving at full speed.

BMW Electric Scooter 8
BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 Handlebars

The conclusion of Buckan was that the customization can make it quite clear to everyone it belongs to you, for example, stickers, tapes, and multiple forms of designs, and plenty of other ideas that only the human mind can think of, and the flexibility of such an invention seems to never end, like the programmers with their laptops, you can customize your bike however you feel like, and every bike will have its unique aspects.

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