BMW’s Electrifying Evolution: Munich Plant Goes All-In on E-Mobility

BMW`s New Era in Munich

In the heart of BMW‘s heritage, a remarkable transformation is taking place: the legendary BMW Group Plant in Munich, known for its innovation spanning over a century, is preparing for a big change. By 2027 this historic manufacturing hub will exclusively produce models, which signify a leap into the era of electric mobility.

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Milan Nedeljković, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG overseeing Production underscores the importance of this shift: “The Munich plant exemplifies our adaptability. We are investing €650 million here. Will solely manufacture vehicles in our main facility starting from late 2027.” This bold decision positions Munich as the frontrunner in BMW’s commitment to a future for automobiles.

Munich – Pioneering Tomorrow

Peter Weber, Director of BMW Group Plant Munich highlights the plant’s flexibility and innovative spirit. The upcoming production of the Neue Klasse sedan in 2026 serves as a foundation for this evolution. One year later Munich, will make history by becoming the perfect location within BMW’s global production network dedicated solely to producing electric vehicles.

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Weber asserts that Munich is the hub of BMW where the innovative and adaptable Munich plant is forging a path. He also added that: “Munich is the beating heart of BMW. The plant in Munich is innovative and adaptable. As in the 1960s, a Neue Klasse is again laying the foundation, on which our plant is reinventing itself. The fact that this comprehensive transformation is taking place at the same time as roughly 1,000 vehicles per day are currently being manufactured is common practice in Munich and is possible thanks to the outstanding performance of all our employees. We are delighted to be guiding the Munich plant into a fully electric future – starting with the Neue Klasse sedan.”

BMW Group Plant Munich smoothly embraces electromobility as it builds on a history of adaptation. The integration of plug-in models into the production line alongside combustion vehicles began in 2015. By 2021 the monumental milestone was achieved when the BMW i4 shared the same production line. Today, every other vehicle rolling out from this plant proudly features an electric drive system.

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The momentum continues to build with the introduction of Neue Klasse in 2026 while concurrently producing existing models. By 2027 Munich will bid farewell to combustion engine vehicles—a concluding chapter after 75 years that commenced with the BMW 501 in 1952. The future unequivocally belongs to electrification.

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To ensure long-term security and support this transformation at BMW Group Plant Munich, significant investments totaling €650 million are being made in infrastructure.

Four brand new facilities are currently being constructed, including a production line for vehicles, logistics areas, and a high-end body shop. To accommodate these changes, the traditional engine manufacturing operations have been moved to Hams Hall in Great Britain and Steyr in Austria. This strategic optimization of resources ensures that the plant continues to operate at a high level producing both the BMW 3-Series and the BMW i4 on the assembly line. These extensive transformations secure a future for the Munich site solidifying its role as an industrial hub in Bavaria.

At the heart of this transformation lies BMW iFACTORY, which represents BMW’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing. The framework encompasses both the Debrecen plant and the historic Munich site prioritizing flexibility, efficient processes, and seamless integration.

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The focus on digitalization is paramount throughout this initiative incorporating data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtualization. By leveraging these technologies within BMW iFACTORY, optimal processes are ensured while empowering employees with an approach that harmonizes people, processes, and systems. This implementation further cements BMW’s position as an industry leader at the forefront of innovation.

As the BMW Group Plant in Munich moves forward towards a future driven by vehicles, it not only welcomes a new chapter in car manufacturing but also demonstrates the brand’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and creating driving experiences that cater to the demands of tomorrow.


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