All-New 2024 BMW 7-Series Announced with BMW Personal Pilot L3

BMW recently introduced a revolutionary automated driving system in the brand-new 7-Series, a grounbreaking feature called BMW Personal Pilot L3 which allows drivers to disengage from the steering wheel while indulging in other in-vehicle activities. Let`s have a more in-depth look at this system.

The Evolution of Automation – Level 3 Automation Takes the Lead

BMW`s Personal Pilot 3, or simply called Level 3 Automated Driving, is the first of its kind ever to be successfully introduced on BMW models. According to SAE (the Society of Automotive Engineers), Level 3 allows the 7-Series to autonomously handle different driving tasks in different conditions, like controlling speed, staying within the lane or maintaining distance from the car in front. It also allows drivers to concentrate on secondary in-vehicle activities within defined parameters.

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Hands-Free Functionality

Another interesting functionality of Level 3 is the hands-free system which allows drivers to turn their attention to other vehicles while driving at high speeds (speeds of up to 37 mph), on different weather conditions or in slow-moving traffic.

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Understanding Automation Levels – Distinguishing Between Level 2 and Level 3 Automation

Besides the revolutionary Level 3 Automated Driving, there is also Level 2, which BMW takes pride in offering it. It is offered within the 7-Series` Highway Assistant feature, meaning that the driver must remain attentive and ready to take control.

Safety at the Core

When it comes to safety measures, both levels provide the best; first, Level 2 is about constant driver attention, while Level 3 provides acoustic and visual signals to warn the driver to take control of the driving whenever needed. However, if the driver does not respond on time, the car automatically stops, making safety a top priority.

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Technology at Its Finest – Advanced Sensor Integration System

Technologically, at the top of Level 3 automated driving`s success lies the sophistication of the sensors. This means that the 2024 BMW 7-Series equipped with the BMW Personal Pilot L3 is enhanced with ultrasonic sensors, highly-sensitive 3D lidar sensors, state-of-the-art cameras, and radar sensors. Speaking of the aforementioned 3D lidar sensor, this one is coupled with a 360-degree setup which ensures precise monitoring of the car`s surroundings, even if driven in low-light conditions.

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5G Connectivity and Live HP Maps

At the heart of the BMW Personal Pilot L3 lies a live HD map system with an extremely accurate GPS which is constantly updated via a 5G connectivity ensured by the BMW Cloud. This means receiving real-time data about the traffic, surroundings, and weather conditions.

The Future of Driving Unveiled – A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Commute

The incorporation of Level 3 driving, in the BMW 7-Series revolutionizes the limits of both driving convenience and safety on public roads. This innovation is a technological marvel as it also offers a sneak peek into the upcoming era of commuting, where drivers can effortlessly merge driving with various other in-vehicle activities.

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Prices and Availability

As for pricing, the BMW Personal Pilot L3 will cost around 6,000 euros, once it is installed on the upcoming 7-Series somewhere in March, next year. Word has it that additional costs might be added along with the introduction of new features.

In conclusion, BMW’s introduction of Level 3 automated driving, through the 2024 7-Series demonstrates the brand`s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology as high as it can. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, BMW remains at the forefront providing not only state-of-the-art vehicles but also experiences that redefine our connection with the open road. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the future with BMW`s latest technologies in terms of driving capabilities.

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