Carbon Fiber BMW X6 M by Larte Design

When we talk about athletic stance and raw power, then the BMW X6 M is our guy. However, there are enthusiasts seeking a massive dose of aggressivity and an impressive stance from an SUV like the X6M. Well, the famous tuning company Larte Design is able to provide all that. This means a stand-out carbon fiber body kit that amplifies the German SUV`s sporty demeanor and provides the perfect muscular attitude.

Exterior Stance: Carbon Fiber at Its Finest

Larte Design tuning company has made sure to fill every inch of this fine SUV with carbon fiber that enhances its visuals. This means a 100% carbon fiber hood, adding as well composite materials on the updated vents and power domes. All these elements enhance the car`s aerodynamics, exuding as well a genuine sense of power. Most importantly, the hood meets all TUV standards, meaning that it ensures optimal engine bay protection by channeling water away in an efficient way.

BMW X6 M with Carbon Fiber Kit by Larte Design 3

Up front, the front fascia received a three-piece front splitter that adds a racier edge, while the rear received an updated diffuser with custom exhaust tips with stand-out angled-cut. The tuning firm also gives customers the opportunity to choose gloss black or matte finishes for the tips, seamlessly integrated into the factory exhaust system. There is also the new spoiler on the decklid, subtle I may add, and which is accompanied by the tuning company`s unique logo.

Other standout features also include side mirror caps, fender trims, extended rear wings, or side skirts, all made from lightweight carbon fiber which amplifies the car`s exterior personality, making it more aggressive.

Performance vs. Precision: Autobahn Tests

Now with the full carbon fiber package installed on the BMW X6 M, it is time to test this beast on Germany`s most famous Autobahn, the Autobahn where everything is possible in terms of speed. TUV engineers have thoroughly put the car under rigorous tests, ensuring that every piece from the kit stays in one place at speeds exceeding 180 mph.

BMW X6 M with Carbon Fiber Kit by Larte Design 1

Powertrain and Power: Still the Same Dynamics

No modifications have been made under the hood as the BMW X6 M, by Larte Design still boasts the turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine packing an impressive 617 horsepower and 553 lb ft of torque. This power results in an exhilarating acceleration from 0 to 60 mph, in 3.7 seconds offering a driving sensation intensified by the presence of the carbon fiber kit.

BMW X6 M with Carbon Fiber Kit by Larte Design 4

Pricing and Accessibility

In case you were wondering about the price of this exclusive carbon fiber package delivered by Larte Design, then you should know that the new kit is offered for no less than $21,100, consisting of 12 pieces, all made from carbon fiber. And if the standard kit won`t provide satisfaction, a premium carbon fiber package is also available for extra bucks. To be exact, customers will have to pay an additional $5,100.

Accessibility Packages Both in Europe and the US

Whether you live in Germany or in the United States, you will be able to get Larte`s fine carbon fiber kit for your beloved BMW X6 M. The tuner has made sure to provide all the necessary parts on both continents. In the EU for instance, all components are made from pre-preg carbon fiber and use autoclaves, thus complying with the high-quality standards upheld by famous carmakers like Bentley, BMW, Bugatti or Porsche.

BMW X6 M with Carbon Fiber Kit by Larte Design 1


If you are enthusiastic and looking for a unique mixture of style and performance, then Larte Design tuning company will be able to deliver no matter where you are. The tuner`s kit is there to stay and will definitely meet your wildest demands.

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