BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design

The first impression the Lumma Design body-kit creates is that the BMW CLR X7 could very well be the personal car of Darth Vader, the legendary character from the Star Wars series of films. Especially if the car is painted completely black, the Lumma CLR X7 looks like Darth Vader’s mask has been transformed into a BMW X7. And that gives it a personality that inspires strength, authority. All the elements highlight the cool look of the laser headlights, scowling as if they’re trying to freeze you. Somehow, that personality suits the giant. The Lumma Design team had the flair to bring out these features, designing a body kit that amplifies the sense of power and sportiness in a way that harmoniously complements the shapes of the standard bodywork.

BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design 1
BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design

To meet the high expectations, the Bavarian manufacturer of the BMW X7 has focused heavily on the aerodynamics and appearance of this luxury SUV. It has been completely redesigned by experienced designers. The front end of the BMW is designated as a “Sports Activity Vehicle.”

Privileged SUV buyers looking for something aggressive? You have it with the BMW X7, which addresses your pain with a Lumma design. The German company announced the CLR X7 last year, and now it’s ready for sale.

The Lumma body has been aesthetically modified, and the Bavarian SUV manufacturer has given the BMW X7 an imposing look. The Russian tuner has given the luxury SUV a menacing look. He proceeded tactfully, adding parts, integrating them, and completing them to give them a sportier look.

BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design 2
BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design

The BMW X7 now looks like it has had some very custom programming. Now a luxury SUV with a Lumma design, the BMW X7 has a sophistication that is second to none. Ready to go are muscular and distinctive body styling, a wide body kit, more power, sleek wheel designs, and a full Lumma refinement program for the BMW SUV.

Combined with the larger front air intakes, a front splitter gives the front end a dynamic look. There is the association of the new carbon hood, which provides a cool air supply to the engine. The front end has been increased by 50 millimeters on the sides, resulting in an overall wide body design that looks imposing and strong. Lumma engineers have reduced lift forces at the rear axle by developing aerodynamic components. These include manufacturers of rear and roof spoilers made of exposed carbon. The impressive overall appearance receives an integrated diffuser as a new rear apron, which rounds off the opulent look of the luxury SUV.

BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design 3
BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design

Visually and technically, the wheel-and-pants combination suits this affluent car, with a widened body and more power. The Lumma is equipped with 10 x 24-inch alloy wheels on the front axle and 13 x 24-inch alloy wheels on the rear axle, offering excellent stability and cargo capacity. The rims offer high-performance tires with maximum grip. These impress with a 23-inch wheel that is designated as a sports wheel, making it suitable for use with wheel spacers.

The Lumma team knows how to present cutting-edge technology, creating a combination that harmoniously satisfies individual tastes. Selected materials, traditional craftsmanship, and confident design combine in the LUMMA CLR X7 to create a balanced interior.

The rear apron is adorned by the sports exhaust system with 4 x 100 mm stainless-steel tailpipes. The newly refreshed X7 enemies benefit from faster acceleration thanks to the performance upgrade developed specifically for the X7 engine. It confirms that it is capable of 250 km/h and is said to produce 680 hp / 500 kW. The performance is safe because it has a new exhaust system combined with electronic optimization.

BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design 4
BMW X7 Tuned by Lumma Design


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