Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Tuned by Mansory Tuning

Mansory tuning workshop bought one of only 50 Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullets to design and present a Softkit. This is designed to tweak the convertible’s original appearance and significantly increase its power.

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Tuned by Mansory Tuning 2
Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet

The most recent work that Mansory has done in connection with the name Rolls-Royce was the Dawn Silver Bullet model. According to the tuner, the goal, in this case, was to improve the design, wheels, and performance of this drop-top. For this reason, the soft kit package was developed, which includes all the parts necessary to make your Dawn stand out from the crowd, as if this was ever necessary. The kit includes a new front splitter with side canards, a new air intake cowl, a new grille frame, and a new center cowl section, both made from raw carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is not necessarily a traditional material used on Rolls-Royce models, but it is lightweight and represents speed. Other enhancements include new side skirts (also made of carbon fiber), a new diffuser at the rear, and a small spoiler on the trunk lid. Rounding out the overall design is carbon fiber trim on the sides of the windshield, which continues on the doors and beltline, all the way to the rear and trunk lid.

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Tuned by Mansory Tuning 3
Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet

The cabin remains unchanged, but Mansory says he can change just about anything in the interior if you want. Considering that only 50 examples of the Dawn Silver Bullet were made, there probably aren’t many people who want to mess with the rarity of these cars. One modification you could make without changing its appearance would be to upgrade the engine. For the massive twin-turbo V12 under the hood, Mansory offers a power kit that can increase the output to 730 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque.

As part of this Softkit, various ‘extra’ carbon body parts, a modified wheel and tire combination, and a performance upgrade can be ordered and installed. These, on request, can also be fitted to the regular Dawn and Wraith models.

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Tuned by Mansory Tuning 4
Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet

All available Softkit components have been fitted to the car and, together with the special ‘Duo Tone’ paint, which is also available on request, they are presented to the best advantage and guarantee a sporty and stylish appearance.

The whole two-tone design idea is supported by the all-black V.6 aluminum wheels. They measure 22 inches and come with tire sizes 265/30/22 and 295/35/22. At the customer’s request, the rims can also be individually painted in any color imaginable.

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Tuned by Mansory Tuning 5
Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet

A performance upgrade is also available via a modified ECU for the engine management system. The result is 740 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque for 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 285 km/h.

The Mansory soft kit, by definition, does not include any modifications to the interior of the vehicles in question.

The cost of this “light” tuning program is not publicly announced, but the price of the car can go up to half a million euros!

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