The BMW iX3 Electric SUV – Should You Buy It or NOT?

After the BMW i brand, all-electric mobility makes its debut in the BMW brand portfolio with the Sports Activity Vehicle! The new BMW iX3 is finally making its debut as a series production electric vehicle and is the first car in the main brand’s model range to be powered exclusively by electricity!


The fifth-generation electric drive system will also be included in the BMW i4 and BMW iNEXT models to be launched in 2021. It is highly scalable and can be adapted to different vehicle concepts, installation space, and power requirements, supporting the extension of “The Power of Choice” philosophy to other models produced by the BMW Group.

The launch of the new BMW iX3 is the latest step in the BMW Group’s electrification strategy. It is the first time that a full-electric drive system has been combined with the robust features, versatile functionality and space, comfort, and sporty qualities characteristic of a BMW X model.

The BMW iX3 has a unique rear axle frame and chassis integration adapted to help it meet the specific requirements of a BEV (pure electric vehicle) concept. In addition to instant electric motor power delivery and model-specific suspension tuning, the car offers the combination of sporty handling, excellent directional stability, and superior traction in adverse weather conditions and on slippery surfaces, meeting the expectations customers have of a Sports Activity Vehicle.


On the other side, this car is actually packing quite a punch, the electric motor developed for the new BMW iX3 produces a maximum output of 286 hp and instantly develops a maximum torque of 400 Nm. As a result, the new BMW iX3 has the most powerful e-drive system ever fitted to an electrified BMW model. It also helps generate the driving pleasure BMW is renowned for, thanks to its performance features on offer. The latest version of the BMW Group’s in-house developed electric motor has an exceptional efficiency of up to 93%.

Another element of the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology is the high-voltage battery with additionally developed cell technology. The research and development work carried out has enabled the BMW Group to further increase the energy density of the battery. The energy density of the energy storage system has increased by a further 20% on a mass basis compared to the battery cells previously used in BMW’s electric drive models. Positioned on the floor of the new BMW iX3, the battery has a gross energy content of 80 kWh or 74 kWh usable. Together with the high efficiency of the electric motor, the new generation of battery cell technology enables a very long operating range, given the size and mass of the high-voltage battery. The new BMW iX3 offers a range of up to 460 kilometers in the WLTP test cycle (up to 520 km in the NEDC cycle).

BMW iX3 3

Efficiency and low consumption ensure short charging times, with 100 km of the range provided in 10 minutes charging at 150 kW (maximum charging power) or 30 minutes charging at 50 kW.

Overall, if you have the money, you have no reason not to buy a car like this, it checks almost all the boxes that a car needs.

BMW iX3 – Photo Gallery


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