The BMW Vision Next 100 is One of The Coolest BMW Concepts

On its 100-year-old anniversary, BMW decided to celebrate by releasing one of the wildest concept cars ever to be created, being unique, stylish and also very brave of them to release a concept so futuristic and essentially give hope to people that this is achievable and in a couple of years people will be driving cars like that on a daily basis.

BMW Vision Next 100 4
BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

BMW’s goal of releasing this concept car to the public is to create a very individualized car that shows the spirit and inner connection between the BMW and its driver. They also aim to present the most fascinating and intense driving experience possible. It does this by ensuring that the driver maintains continuous communication with the vehicle in an intuitive and natural way.

BMW Vision Next 100 3 1
BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

This car is about an evolving brand whose shape and form are rooted in values and desire for the ultimate driving experience. It is special and represents what the driver wants today, tomorrow, and in the distant future.

How is this concept car supposed to work you might ask yourself.

Through a Digital Companion, as they claim, the digital intelligence of this prototype is heavily relayed. In theory, it should provide the user with subtle and intuitive assistance every possible time, the result being perfect connectivity between the driver and the environment around him. 

BMW Vision Next 100 8
BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

The Vision also includes Alive Geometry. As we all know, Alive Geometry has two key functions and enables the car to turn in different directions. Alive Geometry is used as an analog display system on the dashboard, which can warn the driver of accidents and objects in front of him. Safety is really important. On the other hand, Alive Geometry is visible from the outside in the form of a movable wheel arch cover for optimal aerodynamic performance. This is what the future looks like!

This concept car is so crisp and refined that it makes you think that this is how a future race car should look like, with all that Alive Geometry giving it a quite sharper look by allowing the car frame to adapt to the turn of the wheel, being the key feature making this car so unique.

BMW Vision Next 100
BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

When the car enters autopilot mode, the two-handed steering wheel actually disappears from the dashboard. This is a great feature because it provides more space for car owners to sit and relax while the car takes them to any destination. Just press a button to watch the steering wheel disappears.

The autopilot feature also brought a design that includes warning lights, so other vehicles know what is about to happen. This concept car has a purple diamond on the dashboard, which will light up when the car enters autopilot mode, and the taillights will also change to warn other vehicles.

This is really a one-of-a-kind concept car, probably never seen before, and definitely not going to get matched in the near future by any other competitor or rival in this field.

BMW Vision Next 100 – Photo Gallery


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