UK Review: All-New M2 – Is BMW`s Most Enticing Model?

The brand-new M2, known as BMW`s most exciting M car, is now in the spotlights a full review of its exquisite features. With its speed, power, and agility, the M2 embodies the essence of driving pleasure. In this review, we will delve into every aspect of this vehicle – from its exterior design to its roaring engine and practicality – providing a comprehensive exploration of BMW’s automotive masterpiece.

Exterior Marvel – A Glimpse of Power

The BMW M2 makes a statement with its redesigned exterior. Its front grille boasts sections and distinctive air intakes that set it apart from the 2 Series model. At the rear end, adorned with four imposing exhaust pipes, it exudes a charm that highlights its potential as one of the remaining petrol-powered performance vehicles by BMW. The inclusion of either 19 or 20-inch alloy wheels, adaptive suspension, and a limited-slip differential, further accentuate the M2`s dedication to high-performance driving.

2023 BMW M2 1

Powerhouse Engine – The Heartbeat within

Beneath the hood lies a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that delivers 453bhp and 550Nm of torque. This incredible power surge propels the M2 from 0 62mph in 4.1 seconds, placing it on par with sports cars and even some supercars.

2023 BMW M2 3

The BMW M2 si offered with an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual gearbox. This is quite rare in the world of high-performance cars giving enthusiasts some viable options to suit their driving needs.

Interior with Comfort and Sportiness

Step into the M2 and you’ll find that the interior strikes a balance between comfort and sportiness. It takes inspiration from the crafted 2-Series Coupe featuring a curved display screen that combines infotainment and driving information seamlessly. The M2 also boasts sports seats, unique carbon trim, and a red start button that adds a touch of racing allure. You can personalize your experience by choosing between tan leather upholstery and for those seeking a racier look; there’s also the option of the M Race Track Package which includes carbon-backed sports seats.

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In terms of practicality, the BMW M2 doesn’t disappoint unlike some of its rivals. It comes with seats and a decent-sized boot making it suitable for everyday use. While the rear seats may not be spacious enough for journeys, they do provide room for occasional use. With its 40/20/40 split-folding bench, you have added flexibility to accommodate longer items when needed.

Mileage and Running Costs

When it comes to mileage, running costs, and CO2 emissions it’s important to note that the M2 is primarily focused on performance rather than economy.

The BMW M2 boasts a turbocharged 3.0-liter engine delivering a fuel economy of 29mpg and CO2 emissions ranging from 219 to 220g/km. Despite the tax expenses, for company car users, the M2’s impressive fuel efficiency of under 30mpg for a vehicle with over 450bhp makes it a viable option for daily driving. While maintenance costs are slightly higher due to mechanical parts, BMW offers fixed-price service packages to alleviate some of the strain.

Safety and Reliability – A Secure Driving Experience

Safety is of importance in the BMW M2, as it features LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, and pre-crash assist technology. For safety measures, there is also the Driving Assistant package that includes features such as traffic sign recognition, lane change warning, and adaptive cruise control. As for reliability concerns, although BMW`s overall satisfaction ranking in the 2023 Driver Power survey has slightly declined, there have been no performance issues reported regarding the M2.

2023 BMW M2 7

Final Thoughts – An Unmatched Bargain, for Performance Enthusiasts

In conclusion, the BMW M2 exemplifies driving experiences and exceptional performance. Its unparalleled agility combined with an engine and a harmonious blend of comfort and sportiness truly make it one of BMW`s exhilarating vehicles.

Although it may not offer satisfactory fuel efficiency and its appearance might be a matter of preference, the M2`s incredible driving experience outweighs these considerations. Being one of the remaining petrol-powered M cars it truly embodies the thrill of performance. The BMW M2 is more, than a vehicle, it’s a blend of power, aesthetics, and pure driving joy.

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