BMW Vision Neue Klasse – Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation in Silicon Valley


To demonstrate its dedication to innovation and technological progress, the BMW Group Technology Office USA is commemorating its year in Silicon Valley with a special event that took a couple of days ago. This celebration not only showcased the company`s journey over the past 25 years but also offered a glimpse into the future featuring the highly anticipated North American debut of the revolutionary BMW Vision Neue Klasse.

A Center of Technological Excellence – BMW`s Global Network

Established in 1998 as BMW Group’s first technology research and development office outside of Munich, the BMW Group Technology Office USA has played a role in shaping the brand’s landscape. Originally located in Palo Alto, it relocated to its site in Mountain View in 2011, strategically positioning itself within one of the world’s technology hubs. Today, it forms part of a network that includes offices in Munich, Seoul, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo – all working as part of BMW’s open innovation approach.

Visionary Leadership Panel – Bringing Humanity to Technology

The celebratory event features a panel discussion titled “Bringing Humanity to Technology” led by Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management at BMW Group for Development. Joining him are esteemed individuals such as Futurist Poppy Crum, Naba Banerjee from Airbnb, and Micah Collins, Head at Meta for Work. 

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This is what Frank Weber said about the special event: “Cutting-edge technological ideas with a lot of potential, developed in the world’s beating heart of high-tech, and perfected in our worldwide innovation network. This is how our BMW Tech Office in Mountain View works. I am very excited to see what visionary impulses for our ground-breaking innovations our team will keep on creating in the future.”

Renowned technology expert David Pogue led a conversation offering perspectives on the fascinating relationship between humanity and technology.

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Get ready to witness the star of the show, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, first unveiled at the International Auto Show (IAA) in Munich. This groundbreaking vehicle represents a generation of BMW cars that will hit the roads in 2025. Embracing electrification, digitalization, and circularity as its guiding principles, the Vision Neue Klasse is set to redefine what we know about automobiles.

At this event, participants had the opportunity to explore the workings of the BMW Group Technology Office USA through engaging workshops. 

These immersive sessions covered a range of topics

  1. AR/VR Journey and Evolution – virtual reality technologies with hands-on demonstrations of product prototypes.
  2. Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) – a sneak peek into BMW Group’s cutting-edge vehicle voice assistant technology.
  3. Innovation Mindset – insights from the office’s team of explorers, creators, and builders while getting a glimpse into their unreleased projects.
  4. Electric Vehicle Battery Development – discussions about the future of electric vehicle battery technology with insights from BMW i Ventures.
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Interactive Driving Experiences – Blending Realities at Levis Stadium

Levis Stadium has also hosted a series of engaging driving experiences which included:

1. Mixed Reality Driving Experience – where participants had the chance to virtually drive a BMW M4 on a course, using cutting-edge mixed reality technology that seamlessly combines the virtual realms.

2. Innovation Mindset – Intelligent Dynamic Scent Journey – an immersive multisensory experience that adapts to the driving context providing passengers with a one-of-a-kind and ever-changing scent journey.

3. Mixed Reality Meta Quest Driving Experience – a groundbreaking collaboration with Meta that brings virtual and mixed reality content into the vehicle even during dynamic movements—a first-of-its-kind demonstration.

4. Digital Key Demonstration – exploring BMW‘s concept of utilizing smartphones as digital vehicle keys, which has now become an industry standard.

BMW Group Technology Office USA

Looking Ahead – BMW`s Continuous Innovation

As the BMW Group Technology Office USA opened its doors to media, stakeholders, and partners it offered a glimpse into the future of technology. With a history of collaboration and innovation, this office remains at the forefront of BMW’s network, driving its commitment to excellence and paving the way for a new era of automotive experiences.


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