F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels

You might find it hard to believe, but besides the mighty F30 BMW 3-Series sedan, there is also a more performance model, F80 BMW M3. Although almost all 2 stories revolve around an F80 and thus the top model of the series, we want to show you that a normal F30 sedan is not so uninteresting. On Vossen Wheels‘s website, we have discovered a metallic blue F30 that is a must-see.

But behind these indisputable truths and beyond the perfect image that the BMW 3 Series enjoys, we also discovered some surprising minuses for such a car.

F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels 1
F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels

For what BMW has managed to do with the design of this car, hats off! The 3 Series now has a slim profile, pointed nose, domed hood, and strong hips. The taut lines underline the car’s outstanding dynamics and the aggression for which the 3 Series is known. The test car has a Sport package, which adds sportiness to this small limousine. BMW’s design lines were introduced in 2011 on the 1 Series for the first time, complementing the customization possibilities in addition to the M package.

The interior design theme is carried over from the new 1 Series and fits very well with the car’s exterior appearance. It’s a premium car that’s cohesive through and through, sporty, and slightly elegant.

F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels 2
F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels

Comfort, material quality, and design are the biggest steps forward for the 3 Series. As I said, the previous generation had a poor and seemingly old-fashioned interior for its time. Now you get modern design, a perfect driving position, and very touch-friendly materials.

But this sporty and stylish interior has two unexpected minuses. The first is that you can’t adjust the temperature in two zones simultaneously. Missing bagas31 from the climate control block is the ALL button, which all models placed above the 3 Series have (5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series). This button makes it possible to adjust the temperature in both zones at the same time, so you don’t have to turn two knobs. The second minus is even worse.

F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels 3
F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels

The BMW 3 Series is the king of the road, in more ways than one. The 2-liter turbo diesel engine delivers 184 horsepower (hp), and the car carries the 320d designation. It is the best-selling engine in the 3 Series. And not for nothing.

The 3 Series’ steering and suspension are perfectly tuned for driving pleasure. They’re fine-tuned so that you as the driver get a great feel for the car. It’s like finding your perfect partner… for sex. But the partner’s a bit of a bum. Besides the engine sound, the suspension is also a bit noisy in combination with 18-inch wheels, as the car in the test. Bumps of any kind will be absorbed impeccably, but a bit noisy. That’s why I honestly recommend 17-inch wheels, which come standard on the 320d, with 18-inch ones optional.

F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels 4
F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels

Aside from the lowering and the new alloy wheels, it seems that only a set of black kidneys and dark side markings were added to the front, so we’ll leave you with the pictures at this point. But of course, if we get any information about major changes, there will be an update to this post. You’ll be notified of the update if you subscribe to the feed. We hope you enjoy reading it.

F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels 5
F30 BMW 3 Series with Vossen Wheels


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