Yas Marina F82 BMW M4 Power Upgrades by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer tuner is back into the spotlights with another daring project carried out in partnership with BMW Abu Dhabi. This time it is about a gorgeous F82 BMW M4 all wrapped in the exotic Yas Marina color.

The AC Schnitzer treatment first involves the fitting of a one-off aero carbon fiber kit, consisting of a custom carbon fiber spoiler, canards on the bumper’s sides, new mirror caps, rear carbon wing and diffuser. The rear end is also highlighted by the tuner’s exhaust system with stainless tips.

The list of mods carries on inside, the cabin being tweaked with Sakhir Orange leather, which perfectly complements the coupe’s body wrap. Also, the model is looking more aggressive with the new set of 20-inch lightweight forged wheels and new suspension kit.

But the most noticeable change is under the hood, the technicians installing a power kit which raises the car’s power from 425 horsepower to a good 510 horsepower. It might not sound such as excited as the G-Power`s kit with 600 horsepower, but is just enough to take it for a spin and some series drag races.

After the entire tuning project was finished, the AC Schnitzer took this exquisite Yas Marina F82 BMW M4 to the carmaker’s most important dealership, Abu Dhabi, for a sensational display. We are not sure if the model will be sold to a wealthy Arabian, but until a potential buyer, it’s having it there for some eye-catching moments.

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It is an incredible car with a great performance that can be your dream.



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