BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning

When you’re spending a hefty sum on a large luxury SUV like the BMW X7 (starting prices from $73,900 in the US), expectations are high. Here it is the tuning package by Vilner Tuning.

BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning 1
BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning

The BMW X7 is arguably BMW’s most luxurious and largest SUV. From 2019 it will be available to buy from car dealers. The launch of the new BMW X7 took place in Frankfurt.

BMW unveiled the new X7 in Frankfurt is the largest SUV ever built by the German manufacturer and will enter the market from next spring. The new X7 will be the top of the range in the SUV segment offered by BMW and will have a design as good as the X5 or X6 and will be equipped with the latest safety systems and technology.  BMW X7 iPerformance is a visionary car that sets standards new standards in digital services and connectivity.

BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning 2
BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning

The car can be bought in diesel or petrol version. The new X7 will be based on the BMW CLAR Platform. The modular platform is based on steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

The BMW X7 will have a starting price in the base equipment variant of €90,000. There is speculation of a luxury version with 4 seats instead of 5, but that will be priced at a very steep €150,000.

As rivals, the BMW X7 will have the Mercedes-Benz GLS and Audi Q8.

BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning 3
BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning

The BMW X7 has a length of 5,151 mm, and a width of 2,000 mm similar to the Audi Q8, and the height announced by the German manufacturer is 1,805 mm. The SUV’s wheelbase is 3,105 mm, which translates into enough space for all 7 passengers. It should be noted that it comes in 7-seater base trim.

The car looks really good. Well, and the X5 or X6 has a very good design. BMW has brought in new designers there are no longer those unusual designs that were 15 years ago and that shows the evolution in terms of design. I personally like the way it looks. The design of the X7 has some clear and precise lines. In the front area, we see those classic BMW nostrils, and above is the famous BMW logo. The front grille is bigger now. There’s also chrome trim on the front and sides, and that inspires luxury. The light clusters have LED technology, and optionally you can enjoy Laserlight headlights just like on the BMW 7 Series. The rear taillights also have LED technology. The Maserati comes equipped with 20-inch wheels and can be upgraded to 22 inches depending on your preference. The BMW X7 has an aggressive design like all BMW models, but it’s not sporty.  Chrome trim is unheard of on BMWs. In the front, the spoiler tells us that we are dealing with a sporty and elegant car.

BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning 4
BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning – Interior Seats

That’s why the Bulgarian tuner, which specializes in interior refinement, has overhauled the interior. Upgrades include leather on sections and parts that were previously plastic, as well as Alcantara detailing, diamond patterns, X7 logos embedded throughout, rear seat headrest cushions, blue seat belts, and even a matching duffel bag.

Aftermarket items add to the long list of factory-fitted features, such as a panoramic glass roof, multi-zone automatic climate control, satellite navigation, digital displays, and ambient lighting. The rear passenger compartment is equipped with two captain’s chairs and screens for the entertainment system, designed to keep occupants comfortable and occupied during long journeys. The third row of seats provides additional seating or can be folded into the floor to create a very generous cargo area.

BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning 5
BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning – Rear

If you blink, you won’t notice the exterior changes, but they’re there. These include brown rings on the 21-inch wheels and a 3D X7 logo effect on the taillights.

This is the M50d version of the X7, which isn’t available this side of the pond, where BMW offers the $99,600 M50i version with a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 and 523 hp. The European diesel model has a 3.0-liter four-turbo diesel engine that produces 394 hp and 760 lb-ft of torque. The 0-60 mph sprint takes 5.4 seconds, and the top speed of the large SUV is limited to 250 mph. Prices in the UK start at £87,400 including tax, which equates to $114,190 at current exchange rates.

BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning 6
BMW X7 Tuned by Vilner Tuning Front Seats


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